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Welcome to my bro

Dear listers,

I got my brother to sign up to the list, he is on digest.  He is my big 
brother and his name is Joe.

He was the person who started this nearly life long love for the Who for 
mewith this home made red 8-track tape him and his buddies, who are the biggest 
Who freaks I knew up until the Internet, made.  The songs were Boris the Spider, 
Heaven and Hell, AAA, My Generation, Magic Bus and I can see for miles.  It 
also had his best buds, Jeff and Julio singing Heaven and Hell, Jeff being a 
master musician playing drums, keyboards, horns and guitar, not all at the same 
time of course.

Remember that tape Joe?

Don't change the way you talk to me, but I warn you, if you treat my brother 
with disrespect, I will get out the deadly rolling pin.  Remember the horses 
head?  Remember, we are Sicilian!!