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Re: ER's and Who songs

In a message dated 2/7/2004 10:10:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<What about the tushie????
The tushie is fine, it isn't sore, like if I got a tetnus shot.  The pain was 
in my neck, not sure why they shoot it in the butt.

<Is it sore?

Nope......not at all

<Which cheeck??

The left

<Have you applied ice?

To my head, for the headache.........heat on my neck.

<Was it a big needle?

Nope, tiny and short.

<Is there a little red mark?

A blue mark.

<Did it bleed?

Yes.....and I had to hold the cotton ball there

<Did they have to shave first?  Doh!  ;-o

Happy to say, I don't have a hairy butt.  Doh!

<Were you scared?

Yes, I have this strange fear of dying.......but I was more concerned about 
how I was going to drive home.  I admit, when I was released, I drove home.  
Not the smartest thing I've ever done.  I wonder if they have PC's in jail to 
email you all from there, had I been in an accident under the influence of 

Lately, I've wondered what would happen if, God forbid one of us were to 
become dead, how would we communicate that to the list?  Maybe we should 
distribute a mailing list, of those who trust and feel comfortable sharing a little bit 
of personal contact info if something unfortunate were to happen to one of 
us.  I think we should do that.  Like give a number of a loved one that could be 
contacted in the case of one of us going on an unexplained AWOL.

Or maybe give a loved one the email address of a close friend here, so they 
could break the news.

>Was it a female nurse that touched your bare bottom?

Ya.....unfortunately.   But the one that stuck all the sticky things under my 
boobies for the EKG was male.  :)  Too young for me though... :(

<What color underwear are you wearing? 

White cotton panties........clean.  Remember mom's warning you to always wear 
clean undies just in case...........just in case of what I wonder??  Any 

<(said that last question out loud, didn't I?)

Either that or I have ESP.

<Hang in there Jo-saphine.

My <enemies> call me Pete, but you can call me John.  Joking.......that was a 

<Migraines suck.
<No bright lights!

I did sleep well last night, but woke up asking my boys, "what is today?  Do 
I work today?  They broke the news to me, as I seemed to have forgotten, after 
getting a verbal brow beating from my boss last week, I quit my job.  That 
might explain the stress.  Thinking now that I might feel less stressed if I 
just brushed off my boss's "short man" hang up and kept my job.

I remember going over my Who funeral songs...........

"I've had enough of being nice".........no, not a good idea.
Who Are you?  ...........good question to ask if I am not sure who I meet on 
the other side.
"Love ain't for keeping"......but ya can't take it with you.
"Girls at 15, sexually knowing"............sshhhhh.........not sure if I want 
that to get around
"I've had enough of living, I've had enough of dying"........possibility.
"Goin' Mobile"..........might be fitting of you believe in angels I guess.
"However much I booze, there ain't now way out!"
"They call me the Seeker"............that would be applicable.
"It's a legal matter baby"............that could be applicable too!!!  Not a 
pretty sight either.

Is there a Who song that sings about thanking my family and friends for being 
there for me, having regrets but that they are not longer relevent, to tell 
my loved ones, don't miss me, just remember the good memories and hopefully 
we'll see each other again?  That's the one I want.  

I think the instrumental at the beginning of Quadrophenia would be right up 
there with Love Reign O're me.

Did I ever mention that the last thought I had, before foolishly attempting 
to end my life a few years ago, was that whereever I end up (probably hell, in 
the case of a suicide) that I'd be in good company.....don't want to mention 
any names.

Sorry for rambling...........sometimes I feel like shutting down, and other 
times I need to get stuff off my chest.

Thanks......that'll be all.