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Re: an outlet

>From: Alan McKendree
>Subject: Re: an outlet
>>If parents aren't given a fighting chance, then the government will step
>>and take over.
>>Anyone want that?
>Sure...liberals! More government!

What ever, Alan.
At this point we *need* more government.  Hell, we need *a* government.

>I don't want to get into a discussion of this here,

Yeah, that's apparent. (caugh...cack)

>but it's quite inconsistent

OH NO!  :-O
But who made *you* the inconsistency police?  Hmmmm?

 >to pant

Pant?  Dude.  What, did my warm breath make you feel uncomfortable???

 >after government-run medical care but suddenly get picky when it comes to
government-run censorship. Best to get government completely out of both
>(note consistency).

I note allot of things about this.
Maybe, Alan, we're talking about apples and oranges.
Maybe one broad sweeping Alan view of politics and the world doesn't fit for
each situation.
Having the government, or one payer administer a set of legislated rules is
a bit different than government run media.  Information control, and one
step closer to your boy George's dream.

Take your inconsistency sniffing nose and smell out the stink coming from
your butt.

Kevin in VT