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Re: Yong Vic deserter!

>From: "Schrade, Scott"
>Subject: Re: Yong Vic deserter!
>Relax, Homebread!  I haven't forgotten about MY GENERATION.  Was I
>supposed to kick off the discussion?

Well, I guess deep down, it was a hope.

>  Where the fuck is everybody
>else with their opinions?


>  Where's *your* summary of the album?!

I'm just getting to disc 1.  Had a meeting this week on the other side of
the state.  Figured it be a great opportunity to listen to Disc 1.  I get my
portable cd player all hooked up (can't leave it in the car this time of
year.... Brrrrr.), pull out my MG Deluxe, and find that disc 1 is missing!
What the F??!!
Oh yeah.  It's in my CD player at home.  Been dancing with Ethan to it.
So, I reach for Disc 2, go to pop it into the player, and find instead the
CD "Nija Jane" by Zola Turn.  My good friend down the road and her sister
are the two principle players in that band.  I guess my wife was listening
to the cd on a recent trip to Cali.
So, I listened to that instead.  It had been a while.
I did listen to disc 2 on my return trip.
Need to sit and re-listen, as I had tons of thoughts, but couldn't write
them down while driving due to snow and crappy roads.

>"Jump, jump, jump!"

I'll get there.  Plowing again tonight.  And, then tomorrow off to Jay Peak
for fresh POW!

Kevin in VT