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Re: Radio London Reminds You....

In a message dated 2/6/2004 9:07:57 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:
...When the time comes, it won't be the pain that I felt at the
loss of my grandfather.  It will be a bitter sweet reflection of what could
have been, and an end to a long chapter...


Thanks for sharing these personally painful things with us.

I guess this is one of the main things that draws us to the music of the Who 
once we get past the mere show and sound of the band.

I would think that Quadrophenia is the best album for this reason; that Pete 
was able to communicate his frustration in a way that struck us at many 
levels. Whether it be our parents' hypocrisy or the shallowness of our apparent 
friends or our longing for the love of a girl or whatever.  This album is so 
central to the core of our human being.  Pete says out loud in his songs the 
thoughts we have and he is on a mission to uproot the subconscious things that drive 
us to do the things we do, such as overturning tables and the like.  I like 
to look at the real situation and face it.  That is why I like the Who.

We all have our stories and they are all very valuable. They let us 
appreciate why we come to hear this music. 

I grew up without my real mom and with a stepmom that gave me a fake love. 
When I was a youngster in school I heard the words "I work myself to death just 
to fit in!" and immediately I was sold.  Never again did I "try" to fit in. 
There was the current radio hits and the current music.  There was the scene 
with the "cool" people.  They were doing their best to impress eachother and be 
noticed. The airheaded girls really liked that! There were many categories and 
many clicks to fit in. Since I went to an integrated school, sports was not an 
option to us white guys.  I didn't do drugs. The really intelligent folks had 
their club too. What a relief to find that it was all just arrogance and that 
I didn't need to compete at all. I heard what Pete had to say back then.  I 
could just be me.

Jon in Mi.