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Re: an outlet..


I was at a long viewing on Sunday and completely missed the
Super Bowl, so I just had to do some quick research to get
up to speed on the topic of your rant.    For a minute there
I thought you were referring the GWB as 'the boob'.

All the way down to John Kerry had me going in the GWB as 'the boob'
direction.   Funny, and not funny at the same time.

My ignorance of the topic goes to show you that one can survive without
sensational news (when I'm listening to NPR, there was no mention of it).

I agree with you 100 %, and I think Pete and Roger would too (Who content).
The would be both in favor of boob exposure, and not making such a
big deal out of it.     The media at large is too wrapped up in entertaining us
and not enough on informing us.   It is too bad, because the more media
outlets we have, it becomes apparent how few unique stories are covered.
It's follow the leader.    Meet the new boss!

Joe in Philly