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Our Love Was..


As I said in an early post, I've been focused on Sell Out.   The
latest track that I'm focusing my CDs laser on is "Our Love Was".

This song is magical.   I think Kevin, Jon and Scott were discussing this
and Keith's cymbal work.   The second / third stanza does it all for me.
Keith's timing is simply astonishing here.   Why I ever overlooked this
song, I'll never know.     This, to me is what sets The Who apart from
everyone else.  Their musicianship and harmonies in this song alone
is like a five-way intersection of R&B, Jazz, Punk, Surf, and Rock.

If I were producing a film with an intense romantic relationship with ups
and downs, I'd build it around this song.

Okay, I'll abandon Sell Out and move on (or back) to My Generation.

Joe in Philly