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Re: songs to edit live

> > Roger's ability to strike that high note is woefully inconsistent.  
> You're obsessed with that damn note.

That's because it is one of my favorites, right up there with the LROM screams and WGFA- only tougher, BUT when I hear Roger sound so sick sometimes when he tries to hit it, it sort of makes me sad.  It was a note that in many ways was a microcosm of Daltrey's unparalleled ability- to slam dunk such a demanding note with such power and without resorting to falsetto, given his very deep natural voice pitch.  I don't want to cringe when I hear him miss it these days.  In fact, he couldn't get it out at all in Dallas- he had to put the mike to the audience.  Believe me, I sympathize with him, as my band did that song a number of times and some nights I could nail it and others I couldn't.  I would just prefer to hear him nail the songs he still can, rather than hope and pray he doesn't butcher the ones he often can't.

> > The magic seems to be gone from that song.  
> I don't agree.

Well, I still enjoy the song and the way they have arranged it live these days, but I can't get past that damn note.

> > 5.15 can be electric and give Rog lots of chances to 
> swing that mike,
> Oh, Rog has the chance to swing his mic during *every* song.

But he especially relishes doing it in 5.15.  It has that fast opening where he can go wild with it, and the fast-paced Pete solos in which to whirl around and do all kinds of crazy things with it.