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Re: Schlitz Popularity Peak

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> We need some statistics!

*You* need some statistics!  I'm saying you can't measure overall popularity
in gross numbers.

> Songs like You Better You Bet, Rough Boys, Give Blood, Let My Love OTD
were all
> *over* the radio.  MTV was giving The Who and Pete much notice.

OK, I'll admit it was *Pete's* peak of popularity (picked a peck of pickled

> >I was a fan in 1980, I was less of a fan in 1990,
> Funny, here too.  The absence, and Grunge, had me leaving The Who for a

I think that's natural.  The Who did not exist at that time.  One of Scott's
points is how much they had going on in '79-'82.  That definitely caused
their popularity to surge.  We just disagree on how much.

> >I'm still only one fan.
> But, .....<drum roll..>  you are one.   (?)

Right, I am ONE!  We've all been fans ever since we first discovered the
band.  There is not one time when I would have said I'm not a fan.
Maybe that's the answer...
Every year is the same.

> Numbers are ok. but have to be from multiple angles.
> Number of concert goers on average.

Too dependant on venues.

> Record sales.

But, did the people who bought the albums actually *like* the albums.  What
might be interesting is how many copies of Tommy, Who's Next, etc. were sold
in 1980.  That would certainly indicate a lot of new fans, which, of course,
there were.

> Air time.

Can't really compare the eras to each other that way.

> I dunno.

Me either.

> Let's face it, this is probably going to die a subjective thread...again.

Oh, God, I hope so!

Jim M