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Schlitz Popularity Peak

>From: Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: The Who's Popularity Peak 
>It was Schlitz.

AKA:  Schitz
I actually still have my entire HUGE beer can collection that I started back in like 1975.
Many Schlitz cans.  Remember the Tall Boy??!

Are you sure it's Schlitz?
My Who-mentor Mike (Scott and Joe you met him at Camden 2002) had all the ads hung in his room.
My memory is a bit...ummm.....*haze*y, but I could swear they were Bud, or maybe lite.
I could be wrong.

Didn't I read somewhere that there were multiple beer sponsors depending on what part of the country?

>They cruelly poured a bottle into a glass on the big screen 
>as we were wallowing in the pit of general admission not able to leave our 
>floor positions.

Followed by drool and dangling tongues...

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Who popularity peak..
>I don't think Quad and the tour that followed it was as popular as Tommy and
>the tours that followed it.  It's not so much that they *lost* a lot of
>fans, but they were slightly less popular.  They continued to get *slightly*
>less popular until the period Scott's talking about, then they regained
>much, but not all of their popularity from their peak.

How do we know that?  How do we *know* they didn't regain "all" of their popularity?
We need some statistics!

Songs like You Better You Bet, Rough Boys, Give Blood, Let My Love OTD were all *over* the radio.  MTV was giving The Who and Pete much notice.

>I was a fan in 1980, I was less of a fan in 1990,

Funny, here too.  The absence, and Grunge, had me leaving The Who for a bit.

>and I'm more of a fan again now.

96/97 Quad tours hammered reality back home.

>I'm still only one fan.

But, .....<drum roll..>  you are one.   (?)

>Like I said, looking only at gross numbers is very narrow minded.

Numbers are ok. but have to be from multiple angles.
Number of concert goers on average.
Record sales.
Air time.
I dunno.

>Are you deciding a line, below which you are no longer
>considered a fan?

Let's face it, this is probably going to die a subjective thread...again.

>> What, Mark and Jim are inseparable?
>> Homo's!
>Yes, I'm a raging homosapien.

Ha!  Exactly my point.
"Not that there's anything wrong with that."  Well....

Kevin in VT

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