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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

In a message dated 4/7/2004 8:58:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
And, this is what this is all about, isn't it?  Your desire to
validate the Kenney Jones period of The Who?

Is this it?  Is this what I'm agreeing with!? ;-)

Aww, *hell* no!  This is the period in which The Who *spent* their popularity 
capital with a rat a tat tat-(like the sound of my gat) behind them.

I still think they had the largest audience at this time though. Is Ken still 
aboard to look into this stat?  Think of it like this: Why did you buy Face 
dances?  Why did you buy It's Hard? I bought them both because of the music the 
band played in the past. It wasn't because of the albums themselves at that 
point. I'm just now starting to like YBYB. Believe it or not I dug Athena. I 
hated EF and thought Pete went disco. But I was a narrow kid in search of 
powerchords and that was all they gave me to eat that day. I was even thinking that 
Roger didn't sing that song because *he* didn't go disco. ha. (anything with a 
groove was disco in my town around then and I carried a d.r.e.a.d. card) 

Pete said during the '82 tour that they had signed with Warner Bros. and 
"were trying to wriggle out of the deal." They had no intention of carrying on and 
didn't. I knew when I saw them at the Cotton bowl in Dec. of '82, that would 
be it.

So there it is.  I believe that The Who were on the decline after Keith.  But 
they, like the economy, were going through the cycle of reaping what they had 
sowed in the glory years with Keith. The activity kept things going and the 
shows sold tickets, but they were not going uphill.  After Kenny's time they 
were done. Nothing to reap but one song. 

Jon in Mi.