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Re: Buddy/Paul

Before I cut and paste myself into oblivion, for the sake of a fellow loyal 
Who fan, I want to clarify what I was trying to post earlier.

Before I do, I have to start with my waiver that says, anymore, you don't 
know who you really are talking to online.  I am going to assume now, that Paul 
is/was who he said he was.  But, I won't be 100% sure of anything or anyone 
after the recent goings on with impostors, etc.

This is the deal:

Paul in the UK (buddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx) Emailed me a few weeks ago to give me 
some much needed support and encouragement on IGTC.  We went back and forth each 
day getting to know each other, sharing Who stories, etc., and then I didn't 
hear from him.  At first, I didn't think too much about it.  Then I started 
wondering, "why would he email back and forth each day and then nothing."  Each 
time I wrote, no reply, until this morning.

Apparently, Paul passed away on Mar. 30th.  His last email to me was that 
morning, before he left for work. He was a happily married man, father, sausage 
deliveryman, Who fan with a impressive collection of Who recordings and two Who 
tattoos.  He got to see the Who a few weeks ago and told me he had met an 
American Who fan then and had a great time.  

He was a nice fellow and the main reason why I don't think he was an impostor 
is because he had a habit putting himself down. He never tried to make 
himself out to be anything more then a sausage delivering Who fan.  He seemed very 
sincere and sweet.  I got such a kick out of my new friend in the UK.

Apparently, his son was getting the emails I sent and finally responded to me 
with the bad news.  I felt bad after knowing I had gotten mad about him not 
responding, but I was thinking someone might be playing another joke on me.  I 
still am not sure 100%

But, I'd rather err on the side of caution and let anyone who knew Paul, know 
that he has crossed the line.........well have to share Who stories again, 
some other time.