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Re: Buddy/Paul

In a message dated 4/4/2004 4:47:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
SicilianMother@xxxxxxx writes:
Why would you be all friendly with me and then turn around and ignore me?.


This kind of personal stuff isn't something to get all worked up over.  This 
is the Internet.  We have no idea what is really going on with folks.

We may exchange ideas and have a laugh and maybe even see eachother at a 
concert, but don't take this stuff too seriously.  We're here to share our 
appreciation of a band that we enjoy and from this comes a broader understanding and 

Take your kids serious.  Take your job serious.  Take the Lord serious. Never 
give yourself to things that will let you down.

See what the imagination does?  The man died! I wish peace for his family.

Jon in Mi.