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Ice Cool Beer with TheKinks ... Pud Poundin' with TheWho->

1971 being when WN was released.
Now, please, are you comparing *any* album by The Kinks to Who's Next?


Preservation Act I and Preservation Act II are in the league of WN, Quadrophenia,
Sell Out, Pyschoderelict, and maybe even The Lifehouse.

>Well, The Kinks
>didn't write anthems.

*couldn't* write anthems?

>That doesn't mean the songs
>aren't as good, though. It's all about how it touches
>people, and The Kinks certainly have done that.

While Pete was still obsessing and writing songs about masturbation in '66 (Picture of Lily) Ray Davies was writing "Sunny Afternoon," far advanced thematic material, again, cynically approaching his status as the 20th century's Charles Dickens of Rock.


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