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Saints & Sinners

From: Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx

The Stones have hundreds of songs, some of which touch on important matters,
surely. For example, take Saint of Me. Now if I were to dissect that song in
a serious way, I would have to laugh. Why? because Mick admits in that song
that Jesus has been raised from the dead. "Jesus hit him (Paul) with a blinding
light" ..."*You'll* never make a saint of me!" People don't write songs to
dead people. To talk to a living Jesus is what makes one a saint! God does have a
sense of humor.

Mick wrote a song for an effect. With a great riff from Keith.


Keith is not on the recording of "Saint of Me" from the "Bridges to Babylon" LP by the rolling stones*.

The guitars are played by Mick, Ronnie and Waddy Wachtel.

I doubt it's a Keith riff, especially since he does not play it live even similiar
to the way Ronnie or Waddy did on the studio recording.

I'd venture to say that Keith did not participate in the songwriting process either,
but that is simply conjecture on my part.

Whatever the case, to me, it's the best song Mick Jagger has written since
the "It's Only Rock and Roll" LP from '74.


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