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So, did everybody in the States pick up their copy of THEN & NOW?
I got mine.  Nice packaging.  No jewel case; cardboard-type pack-
aging.  Nice pics.  Nice booklet. (I must say, I'm getting tired 
of reading short little synopses on the history of The Who.)

"Who Are You" is the short, edited version.  And you gotta hear
the weird, chopped-up version "Love, Reign O'er Me."  The full
piano intro is gone, there's a *really* awkward edit at one point,
& this version doesn't have the cacophonous ending with all the 
smashing noises.  Has this song been released in this form before?

RGLB & ORW sound good.  Loud & punchy.  I'm sure some will complain
about Simon T.'s production, but I think both songs sound fine - 
even though the individual bass notes still can't be heard, though,
of course, there is more bottom compared to the MP3s.

The credits claim Greg Lake played bass on RGLB & Pino played bass
on ORW.  RGLB being recorded in late 2003 & ORW being recorded in
early 2004.  There ya' have it.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism