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Name clearing begins on my radio station. Bomb Them!

I sent A different Bomb to every DJ on both rock stations in Detroit along 
with a plea to tell this side of the story.

This morning I was woken by the phone and my ex wife called to tell me that 
she was listening to WRIF for information about Pete. There are two highly 
rated DJ's named Drew and Mike that talk about all the dirt in the world and 
just railed on Pete yesterday.  

Anyhow, they received my email and brought it up and said that they knew 
NOTHING of this side of the story and as fans themselves were very interested 
to finish reading A Different Bomb to see if any of this good news was true.  
They even said my name over the air and everything.  They are going to be on 
for another two hours and they should surely bring it up after reading it.  
They have a huge audience here.

I mailed the version that Johanna hand typed so that they would have no 
problem opening a file.  Thanks Johanna!!

PLEASE let the truth be known to the ones that can broadcast it.  We are NOT 

Jon in Mi