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In a message dated 1/12/03 5:35:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
pkeets@hotmail.com writes:

> Ha.  I wrote to Fox News and asked them to contribute to Pete's charity in 
> support of abuse victims.  CNN coming up now.  :)

Lela, I love you. ;)

As horrible as this seems, and we will all find out more as the investigation 
continues, I am comforted by the fact that Pete himself is the one that 
brought this whole matter up last January by writing A Different Bomb.

As I had hoped, my friends, family and coworkers knew ahead of time that Pete 
is against these things. Today I received no jeering.  

It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever that a man who is a pedophile 
would print up something against this and make it a public crusade.  To do it 
in secret is what would make sense.  He was not secret about it because me 
and my whole family already knew about it!

 He did a dumb thing.  Like a spy getting caught in enemy territory.  How 
much did he get involved?  We will find out. My gut tells me the same as what 
Roger's gut tells him.

It is early, and of course they have to question him at the station and get 
all the info.  He is famous.  The world is bored.  If he is exonerated by the 
police I will fight to make sure everyone knows about it!

Jon in Mi.