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Re: Pete

(as thoughts keep occurring to me....)

Why would Pete allow his credit card to be used & money taken from
his account (I assume) & given to even *one* of these type of web-

OK.  You're against child porn.  So, in order to see what's actually
on one of these sites you make a payment to these people?  You con-
tribute a sum, albeit a small one, to the people who run one of these

Wouldn't your second thought (after being disgusted by the site itself)
be, "Well, they're not getting any of *my* money!"?

I mean, I can see being curious as to the content, but to go through
the process of entering your credit card info, etc., knowing full well
that this will "link" you to the site, just seems......insane?

And what's this talk about Pete being a "dark man" who has mentioned
suicide on occasion?  I read that in one of the articles.  Some "friend"
made the statement.

Lordy, lordy, lordy.....

- SCHRADE in Akron