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Re: Bass, Anyone?

What about Paul McCartney on bass to create some sort of Who / Beatles
super-group? You could even get Ringo to guest star on some of the
vocals... what more could you want?


Bjorn Ciggaar wrote:
> At 21:13 8-1-03 -0500, Jaqueline wrote:
> >Schrade (God Bless Em!) wrote:
> >
> >"Perhaps they'll use several bass players."
> >
> >Well, I was listening to 'Brrrr" from Scoop the other day and came up with a
> >Brilliant and other wise Unheard of idea:
> >
> Like he did on the Stones covers they did... And Roger should write the
> songs and play guitar. :-) And Rabbit should sing. :-)
> I don't think much of Pete's bass playing. I may like to hear more of
> Pete's piano playing. And on bass? I dunno... Isn't there a bass playing
> Starr anywhere? :-) At least Pino is kinda neutral. Maybe Chucho?
> Bjorn
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