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Pino Palladino on "Seinfeld"?

I have not kept up or posted to this list in a long time....so I may have 
missed the discussion on this topic. But I am wondering, does anyone know, or 
think it may be Pino playing those Bass lines that are sandwiched in-between 
scenes/segments on the "Seinfeld" show?  I ask because, listening to 4 
different versions of "Who Are You" from the "bootleg" "Encore Series" CD's, 
Pino "plunks" the bass during the song intro (and on other songs) in a way 
that seems very similar in tone and style to the Seinfeld bits. Is there an 
easy way to find this out without "debating" the subject, I wonder?  I just 
think it would be interesting to find out, if true.
             Jeff, in Wolfsville