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in mourning

I went into Boston with two close friends (and fellow WHO fans) last
nite.  We brought along the Live at Leeds cd and offered several
bartenders to play it at separate bars.  They obliged, and it was

I think back on the WHO's last tour, and how Townsend kept a nice
videography of the tour.  It was out of character, but looking back now,
I believe Townsend was cherishing the moment like never before.  An
amazing man we all have learned alot from.  His brutal honesty is a
lesson to us all.  I feel very sad for him today.

As for John, well, I think he enjoyed the road, and the lifestyle that
went with it, too much.  It finally caught up with him.  I for one am not
surprised that he was the next in line (although this is still way too
soon!!).  I am not chastising John for his lifestyle.  I just think that
he knew what he was facing, but had a 'fuck it anyway' attitude.  I know
that attitude....I have it, and so do many of my friends.  

Everyone talks about John's bass playing, rightfully so, but I loved
going to WHO concerts to see backing vocals as much as anything.  I am
going to miss his harmonizing the word 'SUBSTITUTE!!!' with Pete as much
as any of his bass rifts.

One of the best shows I have ever seen was the OX at Mama Kins in Boston.
 What an amazing show.  Entwistle opened with Heaven and Hell, and he
seemed to be on a misson that night to bring back that Live at Leeds
sound the Who lost in the mid 70s.  I was brought back in time that

I think it is wonderful that Pete, Roger, Zak, Rabbit, and Simon have
decided to stick it out.  That is a brave decision, folks, no matter how
you slice it.  Part of it may have also been that they did not want to
face the void if they abandoned the tour.  Anyhow, I have nothing but
good feelings about their decision.  

John Enwistle was amazing, inspiring, and solid as a rock.  He rounded
out a band that had no weak links.  God Bless the Who!


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