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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V9 #180

Today, I'm thinking about how glad I am that I decided to make that trip to
Chicago two summers ago to see The Who.  I'm thinking about when I first met
John and the rest of the band in '71 and how blessed I was that I got to
spend time around the band for so many years.  I was looking forward to this
tour because I was planning on saying hello to my long lost friend. It had
been some time since we spoke to each other, but I knew that he would have
been happy to see me again.  I was so looking forward  to seeing and hearing
the band that had always put me in such a euphoric state of mind.  Our local
radio station had just announced that they were going to come to St. Louis
and I had so many friends here that wanted to see them for the first time.
It's so sad that they won't get that opportunity now.

John gave me his  code name  years ago, "Ian Cognito" so that I could call
him whenever I wanted  in order to get tickets. I'm sure if I would have
gotten to see him again, he would have been just as thoughtful.  That's just
how down to earth he was...I'll miss him and will think of him often.  Thank
God I have pictures of us together throughout the years. I'll always
treasure those memories.

I pray for all of us Who fans and the rest of the band.
Long Live The Who!