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The Dirt Jobs

going back to under-rated Who songs,I have to confess that The Dirty 
Jobs did'nt hit me until I saw it live in Hyde Park '96..
I think I had seen it as a filler song on Quad up to that pointt,but 
ever since seeing it live it's one of my favourite Who songs..
Roger's vocals are amazing and it all just gels so well with the 
music...great lyrics too - very visual..

The comment/question I have is directed towards anyone who is familiar 
with the "A Clockwork Orange" film/soundtrack(1971)...
Stanley Kubrik seems to favour a similar type of music as used in "The 
Dirty Jobs"..
it reappears in "The Shining" ...
Anyone else noticed the extreme similar sounding synth's used in 
Clockwork Orange and Dirty Jobs...?

(or am I just going insane watching this film and listening to this 

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