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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V6 #19

At 12:53 -0800 1/21/1999, The Who Mailing List Digest wrote:
>Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:35:59 -0600
>From: James Sigel <JSigel@winston.com>
>Subject: Chicken Salad ("...between your knees!")
>If I'm wrong Brian, please correct me, but weren't you the guy who
>"corrected" >the punctuation of my quote from "People Stop Hurting People"
>("may I be >matched with you again...")

That was me.

And, for overrated, I agree with the gentleman (Leo?) who suggested John
Melonhead.  What a poseur.  The worst of a wretched lot is "Jack & Diane"
which starts out with those wonderful crashing power chords followed by the
"de-deep" of a single note, twice, then repeats...it's like he started this
big glorious thing and then didn't know what to do with it, so he made a
joke out of it...then it goes into the song itself, with has nothing to do
with power chords. What a pathetic hash.

I'll stick up for the Eagles in a limited way...everything UP TO but NOT
INCLUDING the "Hotel California" album is quite listenable.  Afterwards, um
yeah, dreck.

Personally, I think Rush is overrated.  They do nothing for me, they try to
be epic and simply wind up overproduced, pompous and self-indulgent.

RE: females -- I number quite a few females among my Who-friends (although
still males outnumber).  Always happy to see more, welcome Anne.

Be sure to read _McKendree: A Burning Novel of Murder and Revenge_
by Douglas Hirt, ISBN 0-8439-4184-7  (available at www.amazon.com)