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Who Wimmin


>Hm, interesting. That's the type of fan distribution that I always 
>to find when I became a fan, but actually, Ive found lots more women 
>appreciate the Who. At least a two to one ratio, women to men. I 
find that
>men totally blow off the Who in favor of Zeppelin... They won't 
>acknowledge the Who influence on Zep. It gets really annoying 
actually. but
>I've met a lot of women who like them (or atl east will admit to it) 
>I've been able to convert a lot more women than men. =) Has anyone 
>noticed this, or am I just a total aberration here?

Nope, haven't noticed it, although I have noticed that the 
male:female ratio becomes more balanced (less male) among younger 
fans.  Could your viewpoint be slanted because of the Glow Girls?  I 
mean, any Glow Girl will obviously know lots of other female Who fans.
  Or maybe you're just lucky!  Sometimes I wish I knew less male fans.
 . .at least, less of the sort that think the Who is a band for men 
and that female fans are just pretending to like the band to impress 

Note: For anyone who is wondering, the Glow Girls is an online club 
and mailing list for young female Who fans.  Anyone interested in the 
Glow Girls should e-mail me or Emmee.

Oh, I wanted to mention that I confirmed today that Bette Midler 
played both the Acid Queen and Mrs. Walker in the Seattle Opera 
Association production of "Tommy".  This information appears in the 
recent Rolling Stone book on women in rock.

-Yellow "Fabulous Femmes" Ledbetter