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Re: Tommy in New York City

Joseph then Jay re:

>>They should have filmed the damn production for a TV broadcast or
>>something equivilant to that in the United States, if not, the world.
>First off, it's often done at universities; check www.playbill.com
>or ticketmaster.com to see if you can find a production near you.  Not
>same as the original, but most amateur versions are still pretty good.
>Second off, rehearsals were filmed and can be seen in part on "Tommy:
>Amazing Journey," which I believe is still available on home video.

   I would also like to add that 2 or 3 songs were performed by
Michael Cerveris and cast on "The Tonight Show" back in May '93.
I wish they had/would release a video. Unfortunately, "Tommy"
never came to Montreal and I've yet to see it. :(