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Re: What a drag


>    Oh yes bebell-----I agree with you. Opions are wonderful but 
>sexuality is an old subject. Are we going to start talking about how 
>plays a gay man in a film? Hum, I am curious though.......
>   Let's talk about Keith always in drag.......haha 
>   No good dirt on John, huh? 

Speaking of which, I believe John is the only Who member who has not 
made any sort of public appearance in drag.

Keith - too many to list!
Roger - purple gown in "Lisztomania"
Pete - played Widow Twankey in a charity pantomime [1]
John - no drag to my knowledge

Maybe John feels his usual style of dress is interesting enough on 
its own that he doesn't need to put on a frock. :)

-Yellow "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" Ledbetter

[1] Pictures from this pantomime often accompany discussions of 
Pete's sexual orientation.  Just goes to show that no good deed goes 
unpunished.  That'll teach him to do things for charity!