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Re Whack, whack - Breaking guitars

keets wrote:

>Anybody see the 
>commercial featuring rock stars breaking guitars?  Pete shows up two or 
>three times in different incarnations.  Whack, whack.  Guitar parts 
>flying...he got better at it as he got older, didn't he?      

I love this segment.  I keep telling my kids (who are Pete fans by now)
to watch for him.  I get bored with the other artists who have copied him.

I am especially bored after watching MSNBC's Time And Again segment with
past interviews of Garth Brooks.  In one segment he was explaining how
he smashes his guitar.  If can't help feeling that every artist that 
does this should always footnote Pete or atleast acknowledge the Who.

Joe Lewinski
ICANON Associates, Inc.
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