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Welcome/Who by Numbers

Howdy all again.  Special welcome goes to Brian Who just joined our little group.  17 and a Who fan.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Brian, you have a nice start on your Who collection and since you want suggestions...  I second the suggestion for getting Who's Next reissue (anniversary release) with the Lifehouse session stuff.  Truly fabulous.  The version of Pure and Easy is at a much faster tempo and doesn't have all of the post-production polish.  In other words, it's raw - and awesome.  Other albums to consider:  Who Are You reissue, Who By Numbers (can't go wrong with any issues), Kids Are Alright soundtrack (Join Together/My Generation Blues medley is missing, but still a MUST for any Who fan), and Live at Leeds reissue).  Once you get these, you'll be buying up as much Who as you can.

As for the Who By Numbers discussion, I also think it's a great album, but it was a critical disappointment.  The reason the critics didn't like it, was because it didn't break any new ground at the time it was released.  Aw, isn't that a shame?  It seems that simply making great music doesn't cut it with critics; every album from a supergroup must be a Sgt. Pepper.  Tough toodles, I say.  I love the album.  It's got Pete's most personal writing, the songs are simple yet powerful, and Daltrey sings his nuts off.  Who By Numbers is a must.

Have a great week everyone, I'm off to Colorodo for some skiing.  Take it light...

Jim in Chicago

"Hey, goodbye all you punks, stay young and stay high.  Hand me my checkbook and I'll crawl off to die."  PT