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Re: keith moon MOVIE

Another reason Roger has blocked DeNiro's movie is that he already has a 
script and is planning to act as producer, with filming expected to 
begin later this year.  Roger says DeNiro's movie is written from a 
roadie's point of view.


>From: "Jeremy Craine" <jcraine@hotmail.com>
>To: thewho@igtc.com
>Subject: keith moon MOVIE
>Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 02:30:09 PST
>thundering after the recent Moonie biography comes news of the movie.
>None other than Robert DeNiro has tried to bring Keith's life to the 
>However it has been reported that Roger has stopped the use of Who 
>in the film ,thereby stopping production of it.
>His reasons for this have been quoted as  being that the script focuses 
>too much on the wild side of Keith and painting himm as Moon the Loon 
>rather than a 3 dimensional character.
>Perhaps he has a point,but I'm waiting for the day I see a biography 
>film of the Who!
>Could the other 3 members not get together and come up with a script 
>they agree on...?
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