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Re: Snippet

I thought I saw a UK list at onelist.com, but I just checked through 
their directory and didn't see it.  This was quite an interesting 
survey, though.  Based on my in-depth research, wanna guess who the most 
popular band is right now?


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>Subject: Snippet
>Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:28:33 -0000
>Aside from the issues people are discussing at the moment, the opening
>track on the Manic Street Preachers album 'Gold Against the Soul' 
>'Sleepflower' has a clear Who-based influence, and indeed on one of 
>earlier singles, Pete Townshend is pictured on the cover. 
>Incidentally, the Manics are a hugely succesful English band, whom (I 
>assuming that this is an American based list) have not really attracted
>much interest anywhere else in the world. 
>If anyone could supply me with the address and details of how to enter 
>more 'English' based list, I would be most grateful (not that there is
>anything wrong with the discussions I read on this list!).

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