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Re: Remasters

The remastered QUAD is excellent, as re-engineering tidied up technical 
difficulties with the original.  I have less of an opinion on TOMMY, but 
it sounds okay to me.  (Nothing quite replace the vinyl sound as far as 
I'm concerned--and now digital TV is coming, too. <sigh>)


>From: "Robert VanBuskirk" <vankirk@ix.netcom.com>
>To: <thewho@igtc.com>
>Subject: Remasters
>Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 11:44:30 -0500
>WHO it is, gang!
>Help! People are demanding a Christmas list from me, and of course The 
>Who needs to be a part of it (if not all).
>I own all of the "remastered" sets except for Quad and Tommy, and I =
>would like some opinions of these re-done versions.
>Thanks in advance.
>(Hurry, I don't need any more boxers or socks!)

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