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Re: Moon film wars

>Actually, I think Roger's movie would be closer to "The
Doors" in style.  DeNiro/Dougal Butler's movie is
almost exactly like the Peter O'Toole movie "My
Favorite Year" with a rock star instead of a movie
                                     -Brian in Atlanta<

Hmmm.  Think so?  I gather that since PT and JAE aren't mentioned, they 
aren't holding out?

Really, I figure The Who gave up movie production just when they were 
getting the hang of it.  I saw some review of QUADROPHENIA (the Movie) a 
while back that described it as a "cult classic."  Actually, it's not; 
it's the real thing.  It's recently been playing on the Independent Film 
Channel for good reasons.  The Who appear in photos, posters, and on TV, 
plus the main characters resemble TED, which gives the movie a sort of 
wry, through the looking glass flavor of reality turned backward.  Great 
symbolism, some of it standard and some quite subtle.  You'd think the 
writers or the director would be responsible, but somehow it has the 
feel of Pete Townshend instead. (You can almost hear him laugh in the 

And then MCVICAR was pretty good, too, though it had more the quality of 
a documentary than a literary piece.  I personally liked BUDDY'S SONG, 
which had a certain depth, but not quite enough drama or humor.  All 
decent movies, regardless of their financial success.

Actually there might be room for two Keith Moon films: one for the 
Independent Film Channel and one for the sensationalist, Hollywood 
crowd.  Roger would need help with the Independent art variety film, as 
he doesn't have the same subtlety that PT has, but I'd like to see it 
done--real classics tend to persist.  They've still got that fight about 
the soundtrack, but Hollywood already handled that on some other movies.  
We'd buy two CD's, wouldn't we?  Especially if Roger were to contribute 
some new material. <grin> 


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