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The Hundred Year War!

"It goes on, Judah... It goes on!"  

"Why can't we be friends?" - War

Yes, I too have been a wanton aggressor in this bitter conflict, but now
surely someone needs to sue for peace.  Where's Jimmy Carter when you need

>You guys kindly be polite to Mr. McGoo.  He's entitled to his >opinion, he's
entitled to be on the list, and I'm having a >perfectly good conversation with
him regarding the history of >music.  Thank you.
I agree, but was it polite to insult rock fans by stating we don't "think";
only one of many insults cast by McGoo.  I do also agree its gone too far and
I apologize for having thrown fuel on this forest fire.  But I still have one
final question for the much maligned McGoo.  McGoo, or Brian, why bash The Who
on a Who fans' site?  
Alan summarizes this senseless violence perfectly:
>Picking any special-interest list and proceeding to denigrate >the focus of
the list is certainly non-conformist, but being >surprised when you are
opposed vigourously is about the same >as being surprised when you stick a
fork in an electric socket >and have an unpleasant experience.
Anyway, I turn by sword into a plowshare and bury my own part in this
zaniness.  By the way, in McGoo's defense, spelling ability is innate and
cannot be taught; its pure visual memory, like musical memory (tin ears and
Townshend ears and all the degrees of ears which lay in between, you are stuck
with 'em).  Some of the dumbest people I've ever met could spell "xylophone"
at nine, while several of the brightest I've come across still can't remember
"probably".  I fall somewhere in between, leaning towards the bad spellers.
But if you're going to attack someone's intelligence, make sure you dot the
"i"s.  They will be watching.
"But... that aside, let me say that I swear,  on the souls of my
grandchildren, I will not be the one to break the peace we've made here

points to any historian in the group who can >name the famous person who said
those capitalized words, or >the person to whom they were addressed

Okay.  I can't remember the guy who said it, but it was old Joe McCarthy who
caught that one on the nose and man did he have it coming!! 

In other news:  Thanks for the heads up on Daltrey's upcoming Letterman visit
and for the online address for the Pete article.

"I'm finished with the fashions, 
and acting like I'm tough" -  Pete.