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Three times an artist

> >I figured that you would be mature enough to debate a
> >mature topic, but I guess poetry is still to "girlie" for most of you.
> Woa, ball coming in from left field...


I'll take the blame for that one, with my earlier Seinfeld comment
(which was a joke, of course): "Not that there's anything wrong with

> Um, BTW, Sappho was a girl.


No doubt about that. YL is still correct in her comment, however. Not
that there's anything wrong with that...

> Mark,  I've been on your (our) side this whole time.  Please leave Joni
> out of this.  She's a wonderful "Artist", (singer, songwriter & performer).
> She also happens to be a published poet.

Joe L:

I was responding to HIS mention of Mitchell aka Janis Joplin. My guess
is he knew that she's published poetry and threw that remark out, not
having read her work. He might have scored more points had he chosen
Lennon...but he didn't.
For that matter, Townshend has certainly been published...his music AND
a book. I should have mentioned that; he's written poetry and music and
prose. Three times an artist is he!
I would not presume to say she's not an artist. I personally don't care
for her work, but you are definitely entitled to.

> McGoo
> "You listen to love with your intellect"

Joe C:

Excellent observation!


                      Cheers                ML