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re- Mcgoo saga

 Hi all, Sorry but i had to laugh ! Cuban  Missile Crisis ! Ha! Ha! What's
 next I wonder? Rolling stone summed it up recently by reporting on Pete'
 great performance at woodstock. I Quote" AN ARTIST OF THIS CALIBRE PERFORMS
 TOO INFREQUENTLY". Enough said ? NO you want more ? I'm not about to get 
 into it word for word but does'nt winning FIVE TONY awards for the Broadway
 Tommy show tell you something ? Or all of their Gold and platinum albums
 awarded to The Who over the  years mean nothing? How dare you or anyone 
 else call The Who's music crap. You must need your head examined ! That's
 it You need professional help. Maybe we should have Mcgoo committed for 
 his own good. A little cooling off time. OK get the men in white jackets!
 If The Who are that bad or not anything special as you say they are then
 what are they doing playing at The Prince's Trust Concert? (Hyde park 96)?
 A concert that is supported by the arts,politicians,The Royal Family, and
 many other astute organisations? You more or less have to be invited to 
 play at such a show, and one's criteria for being invited is that at some
 point in your creeer you have contributed to the arts amongst other things.
 I could go on but.......Regards, Derick.            r

Derick Bhupsingh