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Re: Musicians don't like rock?!


>No, I just figured that the chances of you being a muscian are so 
>that I had a pretty good chance of assuming you weren't.  

There are many musicians on this list, I'm surprised you didn't know 

>insistence that rock n'roll is great music also tends to put me off. 
>musician I have ever met think rock is any good, but that might just 
>my friends.

My dictionary defines a musician as someone who composes, conducts, 
or performs music.  That makes me a musician, and I think rock is 
good.  That makes many people on this list musicians, and most of 
them seem to think rock is good.  That makes a number of my friends 
musicians, and they think rock is good - many of them play rock music 
themselves.  I can only guess that you have some strange alternate 
definition for the word "musician", or that you need to meet some 
less snotty people.

>Rock lovers are just
>people who can't love poetry.  Perhaps rock deserves its audience, 
>its audience deserves rock.  Sorry for being harsh, I was just 
>the truth.

I wouldn't call that the truth, unless you are working from a 
definition of "truth" as twisted as the ones you use for "art" and 
"musician".  I like poetry as much as the next color.  But I don't 
sit around composing huge notes to this list detailing how Sappho was 
a better writer, better musician, and better at gettin' the girls 
than Pete, nor do I set myself up as the grand high authority on art. 
 Such behavior is intellectual snobbery at its worst, and frightfully 
rude besides.  Sorry for being harsh, I'm just trying to tell the 

-Yellow "Not the eleventh muse" Ledbetter