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Re: Twinkle twinkle little Pete

A lot of what passes for rock music isn't.


>Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 11:48:32 -0500
>From: "Mark R. Leaman" <mleaman@sccoast.net>
>Reply-To: mleaman@sccoast.net
>To: TheWho@igtc.com
>Subject: Twinkle twinkle little Pete
>> Spider" was easy, most of the others had me performing vocal
>> gymnastics!  Not only were the stresses in the wrong places, but
>> there were usually the wrong number of syllables after the first two
>> lines.
>I tried was Pinball Wizard, the first line of which came out like this:
>"Ever since I was a young..."
>So that killed McGoo's contention right off. Then there was Pure And
>"There once was a note (blank-blank)..." 
>That one didn't fit for the opposite reason. Two down, and the first 
two I tried. I then turned to the three examples I'd used in my 
>"It may be cold (blank-blank-blank)..." & "You take away the breath
>I..." & "I'm free (blank-blank-blank-blank-blank)..." (or to be fair)
>"And freedom tastes of re-al..." Damn, couldn't even finish the word
>that time!
>A bevy of musicians couldn't prove they fit! So, in the end, McGoo was 
> "You take the guns...I'll keep the women."
>             what David Koresh should have said
>                      Cheers                ML

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