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Rock is Dead They Say

>There's no need, for it's extremely obvious that music was the primary 
force in the social change in the `60's. You have the right to disagree, 
but having lived it I've got to tell you you're incorrect...degree 

This interesting subject was recently explored by a program on VH1, 
though it unfortunately confined the history to American music of the 
sixties and early seventies--no mention of British bands. (A 
corresponding show regarding effects in Europe would be just as 

I don't recall any other period in history where music might have been 
such an important vehicle for politics.  There have been occasions when 
it has been used for state purposes, but the movement in the 60's and 
early 70's was unified and grassroots, and provided a voice for youth 
that was unprescedented.  Is it the political movement that's dead 
instead of rock music?


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