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Re[2]: Good news from England!

>>I received a call a little while ago that was very encouraging. As you know, 
>>I faxed out several letters last week to the "key" people involved with the 
>>Who remastering, including the ideas that we all discussed on "Who By 
.>Numbers" and the 2CDs live. The message was taken very well... Stay tuned 
>and >thanks again for your participation!
>That is good news! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 5 CD live set.
 I have to second Mark's assertion here.  I don't want to set the wrong 
 impression--I think a 2 CD set is damning the Who with faint praise (I was 
 feeling a little cliche-ish).  When you consider that the Who's stock-in-trade 
 was the live performance, a 5 CD set sounds more appropriate. I don't want MCA 
 to think that we'll all die happy with just 2 CDs, cause I certainly won't.