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Re: Odds & Sods Remaster

Lev, re:

>I've never noticed that--is it just on H&H or the whole CD?  I mean, Pete 
>quite clearly speaks from the right. (my right--his left).

Nope, the whole CD. That's a common problem on boots. Just listen to Pete's
guitar on the left and John's bass on the right on "Shakin' All Over" (the
Fillmore boot).

However, the booters shouldn't feel too bad. WNEW FM NYC radio and WDHA FM NJ
radio have their leeds reversed too. I called the latter up one day after
hearing "Eminence Front" with Pete's vocals coming out on the left and they
tried to tell me *I* was crazy. I pointed out that they could easily test
THEIR system by plugging a pair of headphones in their CD player and compare
it to the broadcast if they thought I was wrong...

Oh well...