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Re: Replacing Daltry

> >Roger -- Robert Plant is a fairly obvious choice; he's always 
> >been a Roger Daltry wannabee.
> This is a prime example of the bias that develops within hardcore fans of 
> music groups-- pretty soon everybody is imitating your favorite band.
> Robert Plant was NEVER a Roger Daltry wannabee.

Agreed.  At their peaks (around the same time - woulda been a great time to see both
bands - My first shows were in 75 rather than 70....) both bands were loud, hard, listenable,
dynamic, deep in roots and background, and of the standard power trio w/ separate vocalist format.
Whereas Zep was into blues and went from there (quite far I might add), the Who started with
R&B and went way out from there... though in 76 all their encore jams were called such and such