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Re: Who By Numbers

>  "Who By Numbers" is currently being worked on, but with NO bonus tracks 
slated, unless WE (yes you too) can come up with some suggestions.            
        I always love to hear _studio outtakes_, when they are available...
If there aren't, maybe some quality "demo" versions, a la "Scoop", would be 
cool to put on the disc.   
        gary m.
        -------------end original message-----------
        I will second Gary's comment here, if the demos don't sound puny. Or, if 
        demos and outtakes or unused songs can't be found, I wouldn't object to 
        live versions. The question remains what WBN songs the band performed 
        live. We know of Squeeze Box (yech) and Dreaming From the Waist, but did 
        they do anything else from that album in 75 or 76?