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Re: Other Drummers?

> The most Keith-influenced drummer I can think of is Clem Burke of Blondie -
> he even copied his hairstyle! I remember hearing a story that Blondie were
> gigging the night that Keith died, and a highly emotional CB (to the
> surprise of the rest of the group) played a stormer and then trashed his
> kit, with the announcement "That was for Keith Moon, the greatest
> rock'n'roll drummer in history". 
I can name two drummers from PDX who would've made excellent, and vastly superior, replacements
to Kenny Jones:  Sam Henry (1st drummer for the Wipers, then late of Napalm Beach, and
Kevin Folles, who drummed jazz, rock (in my band and others), and then went to the SF
Conservatory of Music after doing a stint at the Portland Youth Philharmonic... 
Want more? I got 'em....  I liked Clem Burke O.K., and on a great day  he'd a made a great replacment....