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> > If Pete told him to do 
> >something, he would do it, where Keith would have done it only if it 
> >suited him.
> I don't know about this. I've been getting the impression, from watching the
> new video releases, that Keith's often watching Pete for cues. I'm always
> wishing that Keith's gonna play in the parts of the songs where the others
> aren't. But he seems kinda unsure of himself actually, but much more in his
> later years.
> BUT, there's NO DOUBT that Keith was IT in the early days. I can see why he
> and John began to form their own band.

The Detroit '75 video boot is a classic example of Pete talking to
Keith while playing.  During the Join Together jam of the medley,
Pete backs up and looks to be cussing out Keith to get his ass in
gear.  After which Keith suddenly comes alive and compliments Pete's
solo with some outstanding fills that only Keith could do.