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Word from England, re: Isle Of Wight (and more) -Reply

>>> <WFang01@aol.com>  11/30/95, 08:33am >>>
  What I'll be pushing for (and please speak up if you disagree), is
a separate
CD called, "Tommy: Live At Leeds". With all the good live material
that can be on a CD, do we REALLY want most of it to be "Tommy" and
the remainder a
"mixed bag"??? I'd rather have both, than lose the opportunity of
many great live songs being never released... 
I agree here, judging from the small excerpt from Tommy on the 'new'
LAL, I would love to have all of Tommy from Leeds.  Every time I
listen to Amazing Journey on LAL I am absolutely blown away by Moon's
drumming.  I think this release would be the definitive live Tommy.

This would leave more room on the best of Live CD for all that great
stuff we fans know is out there.  I would expect plenty of material
from San Francisco '71 (a great version of Magic Bus comes to mind)
and Swansea '76.  Also I think the version of Young Man Blues on Pure
Rock Theater should be released commercially so that everyone can
hear it.  If I had my choice I think I'd be happy with just a release
of the complete SF '71 show, but that would probably never happen. 

On another note, I'm waiting for the IOW video to come out (That's
supposed to happen isn't it?).  This should be good but I would
rather see the Tanglewood '70 show released - much better sound if
you ask me.  Also, does anyone know the story behind the video
footage from Holland '72 on the 30 Years Live Video (My Generation)
and Who's Better Who's Best Video (Magic Bus)?  I'd love to see more
of this. According to all I've read, filming anything during the post
Who's Next tour was rare.

- John