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Lifehouse to Leeds

   Does anyone have the Lifehouse to Leeds bootleg?  It's one of the few 
Who boots I do not have, and I've heard there are versions of Who's Next
songs that are different from the album versions.  Are they really that

  Also, being the young man I am (born the year Quadrophenia came out), 
have anyone out there experienced the Who live in their mod days or during
their performances at the Fillmore East and West in 1968?  

  Finally, does anyone know if the promo filmed for "I'm a Boy", shot in 
some outdoor courtyard in London in 1966, if that footage still exits?
I've only seen photos of them playing it in Dave Marsh's BEFORE I GET OLD,
and in the booklet from the KIDS ARE ALRIGHT double lp set.  I recall
Roger has his dippy-doo hair, John and Pete are both playing through
Marshall stacks, John's wearing a fur coat, and Pete's playing an