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Re: Such A Night boot

In article <941214214226_6301959@aol.com>,
    Boris6@aol.com  writes:
> Could someone please list the contents of the old LP "Such A Night" taken
> from a show in Saratoga NY, 7-31-71.  Thanks, Doug

Here is what's on the web page bootleg list.  The URL for the list is
http://www.xmission.com/~legalize/who-boots.html.  This boot is
available in vinyl, but not on CD.  The "[45K cover image]" refers to
the fact that I have a digitzed version of the album cover in the web

						-- Rich

   51. [45K cover image] Such A Night (White Knight Records UK 23) double
       Source: live at Forest Hills Stadium, NY, September 21st, 1971
       Recording: good
          + Side 1
              1. Love Ain't For Keeping
              2. Pure And Easy
              3. My Wife
              4. Can't Explain
          + Side 2
              1. Substitute
              2. Bargain
              3. Behind Blue Eyes
              4. Magic Bus
          + Side 3
              1. Won't Get Fooled Again
              2. I Don't Even Know Myself
              3. Baby Don't You Do It
          + Side 4
              1. Pinball Wizard
              2. See Me, Feel Me
              3. Water
              4. My Generation
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