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Daltrey Sings Townshend -Reply

I saw Rog. at Poplar Creek Music theater outside Chicago.  The band
sounded like a "wall of sound" in the first set; but then markedly
better when Entwistle joined in the second set.  (I don't know why he
didn't play the whole show; but the improved sound showed what a
great bassist he still is.  The bass had blended in in the first set,
and it stood out like a lead instrument when JE joined).  Most of the
second set was Quadrophenia, which was great, but for the medley
format (cutting off after one verse of I'm One, just when you long to
hear, "I've got a Gibson, without a case"!  Horrible timing!).  Simon
Townshend strummed away on acoustic for the whole show, but was
completely inaudible (like Pete was on his solo tour), except for
Pinball Wizard (do we ever need to hear that or Won't Get Fooled
Again again?) and a solo tune he did at the end, which was very good
and intimate.  The lead guitarist completely sucked, ruining many
songs by playing horrible heavy metal sounding solos, where we just
wanted him to do something basic that reminded us even faintly of
Pete.  He nearly ruined the show.  The best parts of the concert,
from a comparison-to-the-Who standpoint, were the end of Baba
O'Riley, when a violinist came forth from the orchestra and
replicated the solo "produced" by Keith Moon--it was a stunning
moment--and the thunderous train noise at the end of Had Enough; it
was ploughing right through the crowd, larger than life.  Daltrey's
voice was o.k., though for no apparent reason he couldn't hit hight
notes in Love Reign O'er Me.  All in all, a rare treat of an evening,
much more like seeing the Who in '82 or '89 than I expeceted, but
sorely missing Pete's physical presence (his spiritual presence was
definitely in attendance.